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Dress Maker

I am happy to design, measure, and create all types of Grad dresses, Wedding dresses, Gowns, and Simple dresses. From design and full creativity to following your specific requests. I can make you feel glamorous, unique and comfortable.

Custom Sewing

I provide free estimates on any custom sewing needs. Costumes, clothes, Toys, Home Decor, Art. You can give me a picture or descriptions of what you want and I can create it.  I can handle all sorts of odd jobs too! You name it.

Slip Covers

Custom fit to your exact specifications. My slip covers are made to look like your furniture was upholstered rather than generic slip covers.  Pillows and curtains can be made to match or offset.


Clothes, Toys, Home Decor, Vintage and new. From simple hems to to following the changes in your body. Men’s and women’s clothes, children’s wear,  and I love to up-cycle, re-create your old clothes. Taking in or out shoulders, waist lines, zippers, you name it we can work it out together.

Your Seamstress


Fun, Festive and Unique, is how I want to look and feel.

 Texture, Colour, and Design are in every aspect of our lives.  Let’s make what we have work for us, and let’s create, then recreate and express every part of ourselves. 
I created Dream Threads because sewing and design comes naturally to me.  I enjoy working with all kinds of fabrics including silk, linen, hemp and all sorts of blends.  My creativity needs outlet so I enjoy working on all kinds of projects for my clients.  Many of my projects include costumes for Steampunk, Burlesque, Fantasy outfits, Bohemian themes, Victorian Age, Artistic impressions, Lagen-look, and even Larping.  I specialize in custom dresses and gowns for your wedding, graduation, or special occasions.  I can completely create and design your wedding dress, bridesmaid gown, and the flower girl as well.  I create all types of dresswear and gowns from simple to elegant, your designs are appreciated.   I work with all types of fabrics and custom themes to make your outfit amazing, unique, and custom fitted.
I have made many custom items including:  Tunics, Vests, Pants, Skirts, Corsets, Lace Outfits, Felting Garments , Art, Duvets, Curtains, Bedding, Applique, Aprons, Wall Hangings, Belts, Hats, Bags and Accessories.
Many of my clients also enjoy the custom fitting and alterations that I can provide including: Hems, Invisible Hem, European Hems, Sleeves, Waist, Darting, Zipper Repairs, Patches and Upcycling.


Prices will vary and estimates can be given.


Simple machine pant hem $8.50
Euro Hem $12.00
Invisible hem $15.50
Skirt hem $8
Wide skirt hem $15
Wedding dress Hem -$25-$60 depending on layers, fabrics, and lace.
Hips taken in $10-$15
legs taken in $10-15
Dress pants waist adjustment  $10-$15
Replace zipper $15-$25

Custom Sewing

Free Estimates – What do you have?
Dress Making-
Grad dresses
Wedding dresses
Gowns – $150-$800
Simple dresses – $100-$200
Skirts $40-$200
Pants $50-$150
Patches $5-$15
Duvet covers


Check out what my Customers have to say!


Skye Ladell

My family and I have been using Dream Threads for well over 10 years. From reupholstering our favourite reading chair, to designing custom special occasion outfits, to simple hems, Navit has continued to wow us with her creativity, skill and professionalism. Thanks Navit for the years of fantastic service...and sewing!

Silk E Gunz

silk dressHi, my name is Silk E Gunz and I am a burlesque performer with The Cheesecake Burlesque Revue.  Since our first meeting I have worked on many custom costume projects with Navit and really enjoy working with her. She understands my language and lingo, so all the details come together as planned. Navit also makes sure your designs are created in a quick timeframe and at very fair prices. I highly recommend her for any of your costuming needs as well as minor alterations to custom furniture coverings.

Thanks Navit for all your hard work!


Call or email with any questions and to make an appointment.