Your Designer and Creator

Fun, Festive and Unique, is how I want to look and feel.

 Texture, Colour, and Design are in every aspect of our lives.   Let’s create, then recreate and express every part of ourselves!


Now for your long winded description of my talents.——— Dream Threads has been my catalyst for my creativity. Sewing and design come naturally to me.  I enjoy working with all kinds of fabrics including silk, linen, hemp and all sorts of blends.  My creativity needs outlet so I enjoy working on all kinds of projects. Many of my past projects include costumes for festivals, Steampunk, Burlesque, Fantasy, Bohemian themes, Victorian Age, Artistic impressions, Lagen-look, and Cosplay.  I have specialized in custom dresses and gowns for weddings, graduation, and all special occasions.  I can completely create and design all types of dresswear and gowns from simple to elegant. I have decided to focus on creating unique West Coast Kimonos.  Definition-Anything Goes!  Kimonos/robes/wrapcoats/housecoats/dusters/ponchos/

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